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You can't get away from the Wi-Fi
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The Wi-Fi landscape is constantly changing, high-capacity and performance are the expectation in all locations. The demand is not just for enterprise and education or the larger locations with high client density, but also many smaller hospitality and residential buildings with a lower number of users.

Utility Networks offer professional wireless services to gather information, analyse and ensure that their design meets the highest levels of performance and most importantly, meets the customers defined requirements.

We can provide a variety of solutions to suit all needs, these include:

Cloud managed
 - such as the license free and easy to manage Plasma Cloud.
Controller based
-  using Ruckus SmartZone with many enterprise level features all located and managed on your site utilising either a physical or virtual appliance.
-  implementations like the Ruckus Unleashed are ideal for smaller, simple to manage, cost conscious installations.

It's also possible to run some of the above in a hybrid solution using additional software such as the Ruckus Unleashed Multi-Site Manager.

Our Worldwide Distribution partners can all help with satisfying your Plasma Cloud needs locally!



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Frequently Asked Questions

Which access point do I need for my property?

Rarely are two properties or locations the same, usually there are different construction materials used and then there are the requirements of the users to consider. So that we can provide a more accurate answer please contact us using the enquiry form.

Can I just put the new access points in the same position as the old ones?

Not always, technologies have progressed, and the older 802.11 a/b/g/n access points provided a different coverage area and through put. Newer 802.11AC and AX access points may not meet the same requirements used to design the original network.

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