Why choose Utility Networks?

Our specialisations are in delivering Wi-Fi, Internet and Security solutions. Due to the diversity, simplicity and reliability of our offerings, we have attracted customers from a wide and varied market place that include small to medium size enterprises, cafes, hotels, schools, local councils and camp sites to name a few. Utility Networks have been a distribution partner of Open Mesh since 2009 and now Plasma Cloud which we launched in 2019 to continue supporting the investment our customers made in Open Mesh over the years.

This has enabled our customers to continue with a subscription free managed cloud solution and at the same time continue deploying WiFi solutions and services

Our key attributes:-

  • WiFi certified professionals
  • Friendly Wi-Fi engineers
  • Excellent problem solving and troubleshooting
  • Wireless design and implementation
  • Validating Wi-Fi performance
  • On-going support

Enterprise level cloud based productivity & security

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