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Ekahau is one of the main leaders in the field of wireless network design, analysis, and optimisation. With a robust portfolio of products and solutions, Ekahau plays a pivotal role in helping organisations  and wireless engineers around the world plan, deploy, and manage their wireless networks efficiently. Known for its industry-leading software and hardware tools that empower IT professionals, network administrators, and wireless engineers to design and maintain wireless networks with exceptional performance and reliability. Ekahau's solutions are particularly crucial in today's digital age, where seamless and reliable wireless connectivity is a cornerstone for businesses and individuals alike.

One of Ekahau's flagship offerings is its Ekahau Pro AI software, which provides a comprehensive toolset for Wi-Fi planning, surveying, troubleshooting, and optimisation. This versatile software teamed with the Sidekick and Connect subscription allows users to create predictive models for network designs, perform site surveys to assess existing Wi-Fi environments, and pinpoint and resolve issues that may degrade network performance. Moreover, the impressive toolset enables real-time troubleshooting and in-depth analysis, ensuring that Wi-Fi networks meet the stringent demands of today's data-intensive applications and IoT devices.

As the demand for wireless connectivity continues to surge in many sectors such as healthcare, education, retail, and hospitality, Ekahau's expertise and solutions have become invaluable for anyone looking to maximise their network efficiency and user experience. Their commitment to advancing the capabilities of wireless networks and enhancing the connectivity experience has established Ekahau as a trusted and indispensable partner in the field of wireless network design, management and optimisation

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