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We understand the importance of solutions that not only enhance customer experience but are also easy to deploy and manage on a large scale. Cost-effective options with straightforward implementation and management are crucial, without the burden of expensive licensing models.

At Utility Networks, we offer solutions that meet these criteria seamlessly. Our Plasma Cloud wireless solution is designed to provide a license-free, cloud-managed wired and wireless networks, ensuring both affordability and efficiency. What sets Plasma Cloud apart is its white-label feature, allowing you to customize not only the access points and switches with your branding but the management console too!
To further align the solution with your brand, you can also implement a custom-branded version of the feature rich cloud management console. For those seeking even more personalisation, the full API support allows seamless integration into your existing customer portal or management systems.

Your brand on packaging

Your branding on Wi-Fi Access Points and Switches

Your custom branded cloud console and mobile app

API access
Build your own custom solutions with unlimited possibilities

For ISPs or MSPs providing connectivity services, the Mercku routers are an ideal fit. Manage your customer networks effortlessly with the remote Network Operations Centre (NOC). This empowers you with a comprehensive view of CPE status, the ability to monitor individual user mesh networks, and the convenience of resolving customer issues through full remote access to CPE settings.

Are you an ISP or an MSP? Get greater visibility of your CPE*

See it all. Anytime, anywhere

Manage customer networks like a pro with advanced remote Network Operations centre (NOC), customisable mobile Apps an built-in Web Portal.

360 Remote Management

See usage and trends in your overall network area. Pinpoint the issues with individual system deployment. Troubleshoot in no time, remotely - no truck rolls needed.

Always be in the know.

With Mercku's NOC*, you can see the big picture. See complete CPE status or check on trends in a geographical area to make data-driven decisions.

Make the most of your CPE

The Mercku NOC* allows ISP operators to check on the health of individual user's mesh network, to ensure best deployment and maintenance

Next-gen Troubleshooting

Resolve customer issues in no time with full remote access to CPE settings and user-friendly system reporting. Bye-bye, truck rolls!

*Mercku NOC is subscription based service designed for ISP and MSPs

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