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Plasma Cloud Whitelabel
SKU: PC-Whitelabel

Plasma Cloud Whitelabel

SKU: PC-Whitelabel
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Feature your brand everywhere

Your brand on packaging

Your branding on Wi-Fi Access Points and Switches

Your custom branded cloud console and mobile app

API access
Build your own custom solutions with unlimited possibilities

White labelling provides a large array of benefits

Boost visibility of your own brand
Why promote other tech companies when you can advertise your own? Sell your products on top of our proven platform – with your brand in the spotlight!
Rise above your competition
With custom branded products, you can avoid comparisons with competitors. Give yourself an edge in the marketplace by being in your own category.

Enhance customer loyalty through brand recognition
With your brand at the forefront, your customers will have more interaction with your business. This allows you to grow your reputation and solidify the strength of your brand.

Rebranded console or get API access?

Interested in a quick and easy solution?
Rebrand the Plasma Cloud Console

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Want to unlock your creative potential?
Build custom solutions with API access

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Console rebranding vs API access comparison table

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