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Reliable and dependable WiFi is no longer “a nice to have”.

As business's grow and evolve, increasingly so does the demand for fast and efficient internet connectivity. Fail to provide Wifi and you may well see your revenue decline.  To hear the much maligned “ its very slow”, or “I can`t get a signal” is no longer acceptable.

It is no longer acceptable to simply  provide Wifi to the previously accepted  safe zones, such as the hotel, home, office, bar or restaurant. People demand internet useage in camp sites, parks, festivals and on the golf course. Through combining OpenMesh with a 4G router, we have successfully deployed a bankable internet connectivity solution for the once considered “no go areas” such as the aforementioned.

The need for business`s to embrace and integrate with Social media has never been more important. A Wifi solution must provide quick and easy access to  platforms such as FB or Twitter . Confidence in downloading email is critical, wherever your customer is. All the better if you subscribe to Trip advisor and exceed your customers digital expectation. A nightmare if you do not.. 

We have provided a simple, cost effective and self managed solution to Hoteliers who can no longer afford to have customers checking out when they discover there is no Wifi. We partner with camping and outdoor organisations  who recognise that  leisure activities are synomynous with the ability to connect to the internet 24/7. We provide IT companies across the UK with a product that , in their words, “ is incredibly priced and does the job”.

Utility Networks will  provide you with affordable, effective and efficient Wifi through our popular and versatile Open Mesh range.

Please see our detailed product sheet which provides the necessary information required to help you choose the product that will best suit your requirement. If you are in any doubt though, please do not hesitate to call us.

We would rather that you buy in complete confidence and there is a strong likelihood that we have provided the solution you require to countless other customers and in the same scenario.

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