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Posted on - 14.02.20

Plasma Cloud are a team of former Open Mesh engineers, some of whom started with Open Mesh since the very early days, but decided to leave the company during the time of the Datto acquisition.

In October 2018, some long standing Open Mesh customers reached out to the team to explain the situation Open Mesh left them in after changing their original business model and calling them back into action. Since then they have worked hard to provide an alternative that delivers on all the main aspects everybody always loved about Open Mesh products: its ease of use and low cost.
Over the last months other former Open Mesh employees started to join in this effort: Plasma Cloud was born.

Right from the start, Plasma Cloud strived to build a low latency and clutter-free cloud management system for your entire network, specifically built to make it easy to deploy, scale and manage from anywhere at anytime, with a minimal learning curve.
This is finally possible thanks to the freshly published dashboard (inspired by Open Mesh’s Cloudtrax), now available for public testing at

Plasma Cloud Console Preview, Alternative to Open Mesh