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Mercku Partner Launch

Mercku and Utility Networks to Provide Cutting-Edge Connectivity in the UK

Posted on - 12.04.23

April 2023

WATERLOO, Canada & Bristol, United Kingdom – March 25, 2023 – UK residential and SME connectivity is about to look a lot better, be more sustainable and have better service continuity options.
Mercku Inc. and Utility Networks are partnering to promote the benefits of innovative connectivity solutions to regional operators and integrators, regardless of size or tier. As an authorised and certified innovative IT management and solutions provider, Utility Networks opens access to Mercku’s world-leading connectivity and sensing solutions to operators, service providers, and small-medium businesses in the region.

Operating across the UK and Europe, Utility Networks was founded to provide IT Management Services and Solutions to small businesses and homes. Utility Networks aims to push the boundaries of connectivity and close the digital divide by providing a wide range of high-performance networking technology solutions through a growing number of like-minded partners. Utility networks provide secured and cost-effective networking technology solutions to tackle these issues, fuelling clients’ growth and staff productivity in the UK and beyond. With its current client base rapidly growing, Utility Networks is expanding its product line to include robust intelligent Mesh Wi-Fi systems and cutting-edge 5G CPE equipment for home and office.

Designed by Mercku’s Red Dot award-winning product team, the Mercku CPE family is built to provide a future-proof platform for deploying advanced services and applications in the industry. With proprietary technology developed by their founders’ decades of expertise in RF technologies, Mercku’s routers aim to be the intelligent centre of home networks, providing reliable connectivity and security. With its latest introduction of the 5G-enabled customer premise equipment solution, featuring network fail-over capabilities to ensure minimal network downtime, Mercku is focused on providing ISP, MSPs and home users with fast and reliable connectivity.

About Utility Networks

Utility Networks was founded in 2002 to provide IT Management Services and Solutions to small businesses and homes with the same service levels that large companies demand at a fraction of the cost. Operating across the UK and Europe with high-performance product suites and partners, Utility Networks provides products and services in wireless technologies, internet, security, network planning, management, project management or simply installation.
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About Mercku Connectivity

Founded in 2017 in Waterloo, Canada, Mercku is transforming how businesses offer their users smart home devices and services. Built on decades of design and engineering expertise, Mercku’s founders have over 450 patents in wireless technology and bring proprietary innovation to the world of connectivity. Mercku’s relentless innovation and thought leadership transforms the Wi-Fi and smart home space with their latest connectivity-as-a-service suite of hardware, software, and premium features.
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