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Ding, Ding, Last call for Open Mesh migrations

Ding, Ding, Last call for Open Mesh migrations


Ding, Ding - Last call for Open Mesh migrations!

Are you still using Open Mesh for your Wi-Fi needs? Datto announced the end of support for the Open Mesh product line in December 2021, and the hardware is struggling to keep up with the latest Wi-Fi advancements.

Plasma Cloud announced their End-of-Support for the Open Mesh hardware earlier this year and that final date will be upon us very shortly. After 31st December 2023 you will no longer be able to migrate any Open Mesh hardware into the Plasma Cloud ecosystem.

Let us help you to migrate your Open Mesh networks to Plasma Cloud before the end of 2023 and extend the lifespan of your existing deployments. With our expertise and guidance, you can experience the benefits of a modern Wi-Fi solution. Don't wait until it's too late, upgrade now and future-proof your network. Contact us today to learn more.

Once you have migrated your networks over to Plasma Cloud you'll be able to easily upgrade to newer Plasma Cloud hardware in the future! And that's not all - Plasma Cloud is set to release some exciting new products, including Wi-Fi 6E access points, a new switching range, and a major firmware update that includes WPA3 and other awesome features. Stay tuned for more updates!

How do I get all the new features?

Start adding Plasma Cloud to your networks now to make the most of the new features coming soon! To take the sting out of process we have access point bundles and networking starter packs (including a PoE switch and access points). For a limited time, if you call our sales team to talk about Plasma Cloud we can put together some specially discounted deals!

Get in touch and one of our team can help you through the migration process, extend your existing network or help you design a whole new switching and wireless network to suit your requirements.

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