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The future of guest Wi-Fi

Beautifully displayed content, distributed through Wi-Fi.

your content

Choose from a short post, to a blog post for even more engagement. Got an ad to share?... Simply post the image & we'll do the rest!

Publish to
your customers

Add you content to a your WiFi campaign & publish your content to everyone that connects to your WiFi. Add, remove & update the content at any time.

Customers swipe
to get WiFi access

We don't ask your customers for any data. They simply swipe through the cards you have prepared & connect. A perfect advertising space at the point of sale.

Our canvas. Your message.

The future is now!

When content is King, it should dress accordingly

You control the digital flyers presented to your customers. Change the content by creating a new post. Simple & easy to use.

Our digital flyers can advertise your content, menus, offers, events & competitions.  You can even monetise your WiFi with ads or sponsored posts.

Pretty. Powerful.

Our easy to use software combined with enterprise grade hardware

Bulletproof Wi-Fi powered by enterprise-grade hardware. We work with the best quality Access Points giving you the most robust Wi-Fi for multiple users.

Built-in analytics.

Understand how your Wi-Fi is working for you. Our built-in analytics dashboard gives you real-time access to key performance metrics including Visit Duration, Connection Rates. 

You can also drive an increase in the ROI of your Content Marketing efforts with content metrics directly from our platform.

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