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Installation and Support
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Over the past 2 decades our engineers have carried out a wide range of installations ranging from PC, Servers and internet connectivity through to standalone switches and full switch stacks, point-to-point wireless links and complete site wireless deployments.

Our engineers work to a high standard and take pride in the work they carry out at customer sites. Previous installations have included Cafes, Bus Depots, Train Stations, Colleges Offices and residential properties. Taking aesthetics, cost and safety in mind we can work out the ideal way to install your solution to best fit your environment.

We are able to manage the complete project on your behalf and ensure that they are delivered on-time and within a reasonable budget.


Remote Technical Support

 In most cases our engineers are able to provide support to resolve issues without the need to attend site, usually using a VPN to access your network or through cloud management services we can carry out various level of diagnosis and remediation.

Engineer on-site

There are scenarios where it is simply not possible to investigate or resolve an issue off site, in this case the engineers at Utility Networks can attend site and get things back up and running.

Advice over the phone

 Sometimes it is difficult to work out exactly what you need to fix your wireless issues, our pre-sales team are always happy to listen to your WiFi problems and discuss the benefits of the solutions we can supply so that we can work out what is the best solution for your budget and scenario.

Contract or Ad-hoc

All our support can be offered on an Ad-hoc basis or for greater peace of mind we also offer support contracts to provide you with a quick response and guaranteed SLA for those important networks. These contracts can also be provided on a 'whitelabel' basis, if you don't have the budget for a full time Wireless engineer then why not use one of ours!

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