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Utility Networks was founded in 2003 to provide IT Management Services and Solutions to small business and homes with the same service levels that large companies demanded, but required at the fraction of the cost.

Our specialisations are in delivering Wi-Fi, Internet and Security solutions. Due to the diversity, simplicity and reliability of our offerings, we have attracted customers from a wide and varied market place that include small to medium size enterprises, cafes, hotels, schools, local councils and camp sites to name a few.

We consider “The Internet” as the fourth utility service along with Water, Gas and Electricity.We partner with a small number of carefully selected vendors and Internet Service Providers to ensure we deliver a high quality solution and service without the high cost.


Reliable and dependable Wi-Fi is no longer “a nice to have”.To hear the much maligned “it’s very slow”, or “I can`t get a signal” is no longer acceptable.As business`s grow and evolve, increasingly so does the demand for fast and efficient internet connectivity. Fail to provide Wi-Fi and you may well see your revenue decline. 

It is no longer acceptable to simply provide Wi-Fi to the previously accepted safe zones, such as the hotel, home, office, bar or restaurant. People demand internet usage in camp sites, parks, festivals and on the golf course. Through combining Open Mesh with a 4G router, we have successfully deployed a bankable internet connectivity solution for the once considered “no go areas” such as the aforementioned.


Security is one of the areas where we all need to be certain we deploy the best solutions available. Luckily, some of the most elegant technical solutions also compete favorably on price so you don't need to break the budget to enforce  world-class security.


All small, mid-sized and expanding businesses require efficient connectivity services. Reliability is the product of two key attributes - continuity of service and bandwidth. For more detailed information on the products and services we sell please continue browsing our website or visit our shop.