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Ruckus Summer Bundle - APs and Switch

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  • Brand: Ruckus
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Build your own Summer Bundle!


If you haven’t noticed already, WiFi is getting easier! Easier to build a network and even easier to manage a large client base with a small device. Ruckus Unleashed takes this one step further, giving you the ability to mange 10 sites with up to 50 APs per site, scalable to a total of 1024 concurrent users, for FREE using either a dedication smart phone application or web page.


Whatever your needs, you can build one of our Summer Bundles to suit.

Each bundle consists of 5 Ruckus access points (of the same model) and one Ruckus ICX switch, you get to choose the models and we just set a fantastic price.


Would you like to know more about Ruckus? How to install Ruckus? What options are available? 

Our dedicated staff are always on hand to help answer any question and talk you through every step of creating the perfect network! 




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