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A62 Universal Tri-Band 802.11ac Wave 2 Cloud-Managed WiFi Access Point

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Plasma Cloud has developed firmware to support most of the Open Mesh access point range including the OM2P, OM2P-LC, OM2P-HS, OM5P-AC, MR1750, A40, A60, A42 and A62.

Take a look at our guide to see how to migrate your network settings, including an over the air unlock and reflash process - How to migrate your cloudtrax network to Plasma Cloud

A62: Wave 2 Cloud-managed WiFi

The A62 is a universal tri-band 802.11ac Wave 2 cloud-managed WiFi access point with simultaneous 2.4GHz and dual 5GHz radios. The A62 is our most powerful access point and supports the highest volume of simultaneous users. Install the A62 almost anywhere, indoors and out, with the included universal installation kit.

The A62 includes hardware watchdog, two Gigabit Ethernet ports and a USB port. It can be powered by standard 802.3af or passive 18-24V PoE.

Water and dust resistant, the A Series can be set on a desktop, mounted to an ethernet wall plate (EU, UK, US), installed on a wall or T-rail ceiling or fastened to an outdoor wall or pole. A universal installation kit is included for deployments almost anywhere.


The A62 is cloud managed and includes a free license for CloudTrax, Open Mesh’s cloud-based network controller. Deploy access points in minutes and build, manage and monitor your network from anywhere.


Downloads: Datasheet  |  Quick Start Guide



High Performance

High Performance

The A62 is a tri-band 802.11ac Wave 2 access point, providing strong performance in dense environments.

Universal Installation
Universal Installation

The A Series was carefully designed to be installed almost anywhere. Mount the A Series indoors or out with the included universal installation kit.

Cloud Managed
Cloud Managed

Includes a license for CloudTrax, Open Mesh’s cloud-based network controller. No on-site server or controller required.

User Insight
User Insight

With device fingerprinting, you'll know who is on your network in terms of device operating system, name, bandwidth used and more.

Mesh Enabled

Mesh technology enables access points to work together to form a self-organizing, self-healing wireless network.

Custom Brandable

From CloudTrax to hardware, brand the Open Mesh solution as your own. Learn more.

Standard PoE
Standard PoE

The A62 is PoE only and can be powered with standard 802.3af PoE or passive 18-24V PoE. Bundle with a PoE injector or S Series switch.

Multiple SSIDs
Multiple  SSIDs

Multiple SSIDs allow you to broadcast up to four unique networks, some “public” and some “private.”

Your Brand
Your Brand

Custom-branded splash pages automatically scale to fit any device, or use Facebook Wi-Fi to let users check-in to your page before using the web for free.

Outage Alerts
Outage Alerts

Automated outage alerts by email if any access point goes down and doesn’t come back up within an hour.

Custom Authentication
Custom authentication

Authenticate users with WPA2 or WPA-Enterprise security; charge for access, use vouchers and connect to your hotel PMS system1.

Bandwidth Management
Bandwidth Management

Set upload and download caps on each user and block individual abusive devices to ensure there is enough bandwidth available for everyone.


Built-in firewall prevents users on the public network from seeing each other or your wired network by default.

Mobile Apps
Mobile Apps

Build, manage and monitor your networks from anywhere with free iOS and Android applications.


  • The A Series is PoE only and does not include a power supply. The A62 can be powered with standard 802.3af PoE or passive 18-24V PoE. Bundle with a PoE injector or S Series switch.
  • A Series access points are backwards compatible with OM2P and most later OM Series devices (requires firmware upgrade) and MR600 and later MR Series devices, so you can run them on the same network. The A Series will not mesh with OM5P, but can run on the same network.
  • In certain regions (primarily Europe), the third radio will be not be available because DFS bands are not yet enabled in the A62. DFS bands will be enabled in the second half of 2018 for all regions, enabling the third radio. Users in the US, Canada, Australia and New Zealand are not affected.


1 PMS integration is a partner service.
A Series Specification
Indoor/outdoor rating CE Marked for indoor/outdoor use, IP55
Speed (rated) 300 + 867 + 867 Mbps
2.4 GHz 2 stream, 802.11 b/g/n (max rate: 300 Mbps)
5 GHz 2 stream, 802.11 a/b/g/n/ac (max rate: 867 Mbps) + 2 stream, 802.11 a/b/g/n/ac (max rate: 867 Mbps) Wave 2, MU-MIMO
Antenna Internal: 2 dual-band, 2 single-band
Range 70' - 150' indoor (3-4 walls); 400' - 600' outdoor
Users 75-150 per AP
Processor Qualcomm Dakota IPQ4019
Memory 256MB DRAM
Zero config, plug and play Yes
Self-forming, self-healing mesh with seamless roaming Yes
Hardware watchdog CPU Yes
Free cloud management Built-in cloud management (no onsite controller/management appliance required), WPA/WPA2 Personal and enterprise, captive portal throttling with splash pages, Facebook WiFi, SSID to VLAN tagging, user management capabilities and much more
SSIDs 4 SSIDs, bridge to LAN, bridge to VLAN (tagging), Public & Private SSIDs
Ports 2 Gigabit Ethernet, 1 USB
PoE Standard 802.3af or Passive 18-24V (mode A, B, A+B)
LEDs Multi-colour LED status indicator for easy troubleshooting
Temperature -20 - 50 C
Mounting Options Ethernet or junction box (EU, UK, US), solid wall, solid ceiling, t-rail ceiling, outdoor wall or pole (Universal installation kit included)
Size 6.5" x 6.5" x 1.2" | .90Lbs

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