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Ruckus Outdoor Mounting Bracket Any-Angle

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  • Brand: Ruckus
  • Product Code: RUC 350 Mounting Bracket
  • Availability: In Stock

The Ruckus AP outdoor mounting bracket (weatherised aluminum(, 180-degree adjustment range in both azimuth and elevation. Mounting support for solid wall or ceiling, verticle or horizontal pole 1" to 4" in diamter using enclosed mounting hardwware. Pole diameter greater than 4" can be supported with user-supplied calmps.

Whats in the box 

Mounting Bracket 

weatherised aluminum 

Hanger Mount 

Weatherized aluminum


weatherzied aluminum

2X M8 hex bolts with spring lock & washers 

4X SAE32 steel clamps, 2.5"

4X M4 x 12mm machine screws withspring locks & washers 

4X 0.25-28 x 0.625" machine screws with spring locks & washers 

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